By the end of every December and beginning of January, many people start making new year resolutions.

“I’ll stop smoking.”
“I’ll ask her out.”
“I’ll quit my job.”
“I’ll be regular in gyms.”

And then by the start of February or even second week of January, these resolutions are long forgotten and in the dust. This happens with a special group of the majority and based on my understanding of human behavior, these people will be less successful (underachieve, under-happy) than the other special group of people which I’ll describe later.

Let’s go slowly and analyze what is happening. Our brain tends to get nervous (more conscious) when we face round figures.

“Your weight increased from 67 to 69, not much worried but then as soon as it crossed 70, you start worrying.”
“More people will tend to buy a product if its priced at 999 compared to say the product priced at 1000 or 1005.”


By the end of December, similar feelings start emerging (shifting from 2016 to 2017).

“Another year has gone, what have I achieved?”
“I’m still single.”
“Why am I not happy?”

These feelings are the fearful, kind of self-conscious warnings that drive us to achieve more. These feelings are actually very important. They help in introspection of the self. We for a change look at ourselves critically. But the way we deal with these thoughts is pretty lame and ineffective. Yes, I’m talking about the new year resolutions. Here is why.

The reason you make new year resolutions is because of the limitation of your brain to consciously make out and act upon the shortcomings of your life. There are another group of people (the successful ones), who figure out early that there is something wrong and they act on it accordingly, instantly. For example, consider the case of Elon Musk. He has an incredible ability to sense the problem and shortcomings of a project and act instantly to achieve towards possible solutions. He may not succeed, but he will act and at least try.

So, new year resolutions are bad? No, but not acting on it makes it pretty lame. Elon Musk may make a new year resolution setting a long term goal. But the thing is, he will act on it for sure. Your brain has warned you and made you conscious of your shortcomings at the end of the year. Don’t make an easy escape by just making a resolution. Act on it. And make it a habit that you introspect on yourself on more regular basis. This introspection and action cycle will certainly improve happiness and success in your life. All the best and Happy New Year.