I spend more than 70 percent of my monthly internet data on youtube. Watching channels ranging from tech, entertainment, music, to comics, wildlife, football. There are certain lesser known channels that I think deserves to get noticed (based on my personal preference). So, I am listing my 5 favourites less known youtube channels in different categories. My criteria for selection: subscribers less than 200,000.

  1. TechAltar
    Category: Electronics technology (PCs, Mobiles, etc.)
    Featured video:
     What “Windows 10 on ARM” Will Mean for Microsoft
    This is not just another review channel. In fact, he rarely does reviews. He mainly talks about tech in terms of business perspective, the reasons behind a particular tech decision or product, and predicting tech future directions. He makes sense and you feel a little techier after watching his videos.
    Well-known favourite channels: MrMobile (very well made videos), MobileTechReview (making sense of tech for everyone), Dave Lee (must watch before buying a laptop).
  2. Gubz
    Category: Comics, Fantasy, Movies
    Featured video: 
    How Fast is Quicksilver in X-Men: Apocalypse?
    This guy makes extensive research before making his every video. He will answer the question asked in the video title (which may seem absurd) in a logical way.
    Similar channel above 100,000 subscribers: The Imaginary Axis
  3. Fit Tuber
    Category: Health and fitness
    Featured video: 5 Min Warm up exercises before workout | Why warm up?
    Simple, short videos on fitness and health tips. Really helpful.
  4. uMAXit Football
    Category: Football
    Featured video: Tactics Explained | Antonio Conte & Chelsea’s 3-4-3 System
    This is not a compilation channel. There are many other channels dedicated for the same (e.g. HeilrJ). This talks about the tactics, and intelligence in the game of football (the real football). Highly recommended.
  5. Traditional Music Channel
    Category: Music
    Featured video: 
    Greek Folk Songs
    Music from your country, you can easily find that on your own. But this channel brings long playlists of traditional songs from around that world (Indian, Persian, Greek, Siberian, Armenian, Pakistani, etc.) that you probably could never find on your own. Highly recommended.
    Honourable mention: Adrian von Ziegler (This guy creates original fantasy compositions, all of them really awesome. Has reached around 600,000 subs now).