This week, the major news in Indian context was not from India but from our annoying neighbour Pakistan. And this time, they have sentenced death to an Indian just because he once was an “Indian” navy officer. It so happened that somehow Pakistani agents got a tip that a former Indian navy officer is working as a merchant in Iran. India has been for decades accusing Pakistan with proofs and documents (Kasab was caught in camera firing at civilians) for sending terrorists across borders. So, Pakistani agency got an idea. Let’s just run a court trial on an Indian and with special powers of Army, let’s just give him a death sentence. In this way, we can say that India also sends it’s spies across to create tensions in Baluchistan. The sad thing is, an innocent, family man is caught in hands of the failed state of Pakistan with failed judiciary, where he’s not even allowed to challenge charges. Compared to India, where Kasab was given best of lawyers, spend crores on his trial. India is even kind enough to give freedom to some retards who shouted and protested in support of Afzal Guru. Now, this is the real democracy, Pakistan.
On a similar note, Kashmiri separatists haven’t learnt their lessons yet. No employment, no education. What they have learnt is how to throw stones at Indian Army men. This is a joke. Do they really think throwing stones is going to send Indian army back? Their beloved Pakistani army with all their weapons, missiles, bombs got their asses kicked multiple times over years.

Meanwhile, Donald J. Trump. This man just launched MOAB (Mother of All Bombs), on Afganistan targeting IS outlets. “Your name is Khan, you can surely be a terrorist.” That is a dangerous thought process that goes into the mind of one of the most powerful men in the world. However, this thought process is followed by an aggressive approach. And part of this aggressive approach will certainly help in fighting the Islamic terrorism (which historically was created by America itself). Life of Muslims in America is going to be difficult. And their New York Times used to talk about intolerance in India.

Some positive news too. UP CM is working hard, and fast to make it one of the best states in India. Actually, he’s trying to first bring it back on track and help BJP win most seats again in 2019. He recently ordered 18hr power supply to villages, working hard to bring electrify every UP village by 2019, helping poor Muslim women getting married (and providing financial assistance), is talking about women protection, security and development. And among all these, what makes a bigger news. Members of his Hindu Yuva Vahini Sena. His idiot followers, marring and defaming their own leader.

Recently, Snapchat founder called India a poor country and disregarded it as an important market. This is an unimportant news, but as usual, he will be getting sticks and 1-star ratings from emotional Indians. What is more important is you can get a fine of up to 10000 for overspeeding under new Motors Vehicle Act! Some other bills related to GST, mental healthcare bill, etc. are passed in the parliament which are usually unimportant to most of the Indians except for civil services aspirants.

The most exciting news of the week for me was Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer. I am even more excited for this film than I was for Civil War.

In sports, in an all Indian men’s final in Singapore super series, Praneeth defeated Srikanth, clinching his first super series title. Indian badminton has come a long way from Prakash Padukone and Gopichand and now certainly is one of the top badminton playing nations in the world.
Manchester United finally haven’t drawn a game at home and defeated Chelsea convincingly. Chelsea didn’t even manage to get a shot on target.
Real Madrid had a good week too, defeating Bayern away, and Barcelona losing to Juventus and Malaga. This was certainly a good week for Madridistas.

However, among all this, there is one news which didn’t get as much attention and debated, discussed in editorials as it should be. “Telangana cabinet clears 12% quota for Muslims, a 7% hike from previous  5%.”

Featured image credits: NASA