Fear is a strong feeling. It can force you to take quick actions. Fear for some is too frequent and on the lines of delusion and paranoia. I take it as a warning. And it can sometimes motivate me to get things done instead of procrastinating. A classic example: fear of exams.
In this post, I have listed some of the random thoughts & facts which are scary and makes me conscious of the fact that I shouldn’t take things for granted.

  • Age: I am 24. I feel young, energetic, fit. However, have a look at this cup.
    It was filled completely. Now 1/4th gone. Imagine you’re enjoying this full glass of orange juice. You slowly drink the 1/4th, enjoying the taste. The best part. However, you finish the rest quickly. Then you wonder, why did it got emptied so early. You wanted more. Obviously, in real life, you can pay for more glasses of juice. What I am trying to convey is, if your whole life is this full glass of juice, then at least the first 1/4th is gone. You can control the speed of drinking your juice. But your age will run at its own pace. Scary and motivational at the same time. Meanwhile, some of your loved ones have enjoyed 1/2 or even 3/4th of their glasses of juice.
  • Ailing planet: Climate change is real. Ozone is depleting at an alarming rate. Global temperature has increased by 2 degree Celsius in the last century itself. Human population has exploded and so too has CO2 emissions. Here are some consequences and predictions which you may or may not be aware of.

    If global temperature rises at the current rate, by 2100 we could have London experiencing temperatures as high as 45 degrees, almost all of the current agricultural lands in Asia would be barren and unusable. There will be a shift towards Russia, Siberia, Alaska for agriculture production and human settlements. There will be no Mumbai, Maldives and many coastline cities and countries would be submerged under seas and oceans. Freshwater resources will be scarce. There will be 14 billion people on the planet. Foods will extensively be made of genetically modified fruits and vegetables and artificial flavours as these products would taste nothing like natural fruits and vegetables we have today.

    These are predictions and facts, not theories. We should be scared enough to take actions and preventive measures to defy these predictions.

    This could be your favourite Hill station in 2100
  • Uncertainty: No matter how much you practice, prepare, plan, there is always an element of uncertainty. It can act in both positive and negative ways. Natural disasters, road accidents, terrorist attacks, civil war, economic crisis, deaths.
    Pre-preparedness, caution (e.g. for road accidents) and attentiveness are key factors to negate the damage caused by uncertainties. But statistically, they are bound to happen. We all should be prepared for it.

    One person dies every four minutes in India due to road accidents

A large fraction of world population lives in poverty, a large portion of middle east is a war zone, CO2 emissions are rampant, there are unstable political states (Pakistan), people are getting more lazy and unhealthy due to eating habits and technology, horrible traffic conditions in major metro cities, air quality constantly degrading, forests depletion, and yes there is no stopping aging you. Still, we procrastinate. Spend valuable time and money on useless products, people. These thoughts actually can help you keep a check on your habits for the larger good.
For example, you may reduce nonvegetarian products in your diet if you’re aware of the fact that 1/3rd of the total greenhouse emission on the planet is caused directly or indirectly by nonvegetarian food practices.