Originally, I intended to prepare 10 favourite movies of all time. Then realized 10 is too small a number. Then I thought of favourite 20 list but then cannot exclude movie 21.
The list contains both Hindi and English films. There is also a watch count along with each movie to show how many times I have watched that movie.
At the end, there is a bonus favourite film that is neither in Hindi or English.

  • Twenty-one: Kaho naa Pyaar Hai
    Watch Count: 7
    By script, this movie is pretty average. It has a cliched Bollywood love story, cliched twin story, and cliched placement of songs. But there is a reason these factors became cliched. They work. In this movie, it worked all so well that it made Guinness Books of World record for winning the highest number of Filmfare awards. Personally, for me, this movie started it all. My earliest movie memories are Jurassic Park (slept in the second half), Border (liked it), Soldier (had an instant crush on Preity Zinta, my age 7). But it was this movie that I enjoyed from beginning till the end. Star, of course, was Hrithik Roshan. I was so attached to his character from the beginning. The direction was solid, and the music was brilliant. And by the time this song: Ek Pal Ka Jeena ended, Hrithik was my favourite film star (still is today).
  • Twenty: Munna Bhai: MBBS
    Watch Count: 7
    Raju Hirani is a brilliant director. And this is his best movie in my opinion, mainly for its solid chemistry between Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Dutt, a unique concept, Boman Irani and perfect comic timings. This movie was an instant favourite.
  • Nineteen: Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
    Watch Count: 1
    A recent release, this movie made it to the list due to epic direction, sets, visual effects, and fight scenes. It has solid acting performance too, particularly by Anushka Shetty. This movie was all about creating epic scenes, whether it’s the opening credits or songs or introduction of Devasena. Overall, being a worldwide blockbuster, this truly is an epic Indian film.
  • Eighteen: Hera Pheri
    Watch Count: 5
    One director that easily tops Raju Hirani in comic timings is Priyadarshan. Hulchul, Hungama, Khatta Mettha, Chup Chup Ke, Maalamal Weekly, all are my favourites. But I only could include one. The one has to be Hera Pheri. The fun chemistry, rivalries, and fight shown between Raju, Shyam, Babu Rao, Khadak Singh (Om Puri) is nothing short of legendary.
  • Seventeen: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
    Watch Count: 3
    I am a huge fan of Sherlock Homles and his character (both TV and films). The arrogance, insult, and of course brilliance of Sherlock is a character I always aspire to be. Robert Downey Jr. is just perfect for this role. This movie had a solid portrayal of James Moriarty. Never get tired of watching Sherlock. I truly am Sherlocked!
  • Sixteen: Conjuring 2
    Watch Count: 3
    James Wan is the man for horror movies. I have a liking for horror movies. Other favourites being The Shinning, Conjuring, Insidious. But this Conjuring is my favourite horror movie of all time. Reasons: brilliant direction, actually scary evil ghost, the portrayal of Amityville, acting by kids, and most importantly, it’s based on a true story. The real images shown at the end of the movie made it a lot scarier and memorable experience. I would suggest you, watch this movie alone with lights off, headphones on after 10 pm.
  • Fifteen: Gadar: Ek Prem Katha
    Watch Count: 7
    “Hamara Hindustan Zindabaad tha, Zindabaad hai, aur Zindabaad rahega.”
    I doubt there is any other actor on this list who delivers dialogue as powerfully and as effectively as Sunny Deol. Lagaan was released around the same time as this movie, but I remembered this being my clear favourite. This movie has a very accurate portrayal of partition and Pakistani bureaucrat’s views on Hindustan. Has excellent songs and some over the top action. But, there is Sunny and when Sunny does these action scenes, it feels powerful. He is the only actor who can do such acts on screen (apart from Rajnikanth) and doesn’t look bad. His other great movies include Border, Damini (National award winner).
  • Fourteen: OMG: Oh My God!
    Watch Count: 4
    Paresh Rawal + Akshay Kumar is always an entertaining combination. This movie has a unique, solid script. Inspired by a Gujarati Play, it shows a common man fighting against established religious institutions and norms. And he gets the most unlikely help in form of Lord Krishna. Unlike PK, where only superstitions of one religion were highlighted, this movie actually hits at our basic social perception of God. Again, the director could have been a bit bolder and pointed out missionary conversions of Christianity and numerous social evils of Islam, but then the movie might not have gotten released. Anyways, this movie actually sends a solid message and make valid points in comical, effective way.
  • Thirteen: Inception
    Watch Count: 3
    If you look into any list of favourite movies, you will find at least one or two Nolan movies on the list. Inception is my favourite Nolan movie. Mostly because of its unique idea and script. Also, this movie has very little elements of Nolan’s negative aspects of direction (Interstellar is filled with, which I am not discussing here). And Di Caprio excels every single time.
  • Twelve: Dangal
    Watch Count: 1
    “Geeta aur Babita.”
    First of all, this movie is based on an epic true and inspirational story. The rise of two girls from a state known for its discrimination against women. That’s in itself a script for a blockbuster. Add to that, brilliant direction, brilliant performance by Amir Khan and new girls. This movie had goosebump moments and a strong title track by Daler Mehendi.
  • Eleven: Forrest Gump
    Watch Count: 3
    The greatest thing about this movie? Tom Hanks, his innocence, and narration. I didn’t had any expectations when I started watching this movie, but man writing this description, feel like have to watch it again. This movie has such a feel good factor attached to it.
  • Ten: Guide
    Watch Count: 2
    This film has so many layers, themes, and versions of same characters, yet the overall script and direction are solid. This movie has joy, happiness, freedom, tension, evils, spirituality. All these are tied so wonderfully with songs. You rarely get all these combinations in a single movie. The moment when this song plays in the movie is so good, even you may feel like singing, dancing: Aaj Phi Jeene Ki Tammana Hai

  • Nine: Ironman
    Watch Count: 9
    I am a big fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this is the movie, that started it all.
    “I am Ironman”. This is how you introduce yourself. He is by far, the coolest superhero ever. Other favourite superhero movies include Spiderman 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Civil War, The Avengers and now, Wonder Woman too.
  • Eight: Shree 420
    Watch Count: 2
    You know a movie had to be special when an 11-year-old kid is enjoying a black & white movie made 50 years ago. The movie has immortal songs: Mera Joota Hai Japani. And most importantly, it is one of the best movies of legendary Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor is a phenomenal actor and filmmaker. His movies are simple, yet grips the audience in strong emotional attachments. He had a crazy fan following all over the world, especially in Russia and Japan.
  • Seven: 12 Angry Men
    Watch Count: 2
    Another B&W film. This is a unique movie. 98% of this movie is shot in a single room, full of men. The movie flows by so quickly, you won’t get bored for a single minute. And yes, the movie has thrill, drama, passion. All this happens in a single room. Incredible.
  • Six: Sholay
    Watch Count: 3
    This movie can be treated as a benchmark for a blockbuster. One of the most iconic villain of all time, one of the best friendship chemistry seen on cinema. This movie had everything: action, drama, comedy, emotions. But the strongest part: dialogues. A timeless, epic.
  • Five: Shutter Island
    Watch Count: 2
    The theme, and tone in which the whole film is shot led audience confused, tensed, and thrilled all the time. The whole movie, you’re constantly playing detective along with Di Caprio and the sudden shock you receive at the end. You feel what Di Caprio felt in the movie: confused. The way, this movie confuses audience is incredible.
    Another favourite of Di Caprio: Blood Diamond.
  • Four: A Wednesday
    Watch Count: 4
    Neeraj Pandey is the most talented director in Bollywood today. All his movies have been exceptional thrillers: Special 26, Baby, MS Dhoni. But the best was the first. Not a single second in this movie is weak. Not a single character or cast is weak. All of them, phenomenal actors. Jimmy, Naseer, Anupam. I could watch this movie all over again and feel almost the same thrill, and excitement as in the first watch. That’s a rare, especially for thrillers.
  • Three: The Legend of Bhagat Singh
    Watch Count: 5
    Bhagat Singh was one of the most inspirational freedom fighters for India, probably the most inspirational for youths. His rise of stature and respect from the masses was exponential, even eclipsing Gandhi at times. To justify this legendary figure in a movie is a challenging task. A task that proved to be perfect for Ajay Devgan, probably the most underrated film star in India. The songs, the dialogues, the strength of characters. I felt so inspired and proud. Communists today should learn a thing or two about nationalism from this movie.
  • Two: The Man from Earth
    Watch Count: 3
    If you haven’t watched this movie, watch it here: The Man from Earth. I don’t want to spoil much. Just one line verdict: My favourtie English movie of all time. Yes, I have seen all the Nolan movies, all the superhero movies, all major thrillers, all IMDB top 15, almost a large percentage of IMDB top 50, 100. And this movie tops it all.
  • One: Andaz Apana Apana
    Watch Count: 45+
    You read it right. 45 times. I have watched this movie over 45 times. When I was thinking of such a list, number 1 was never in doubt. The first time I watched this movie in 2001, it became my favourite. Since then, I have watched a wide spectrum of movies, TV series, shows, interviews, live performances, animations, drama, theater and what not. None of them have entertained me as much as this movie. What’s great about this movie? Everything: Crime Master Gogo, Amar-Prem, Teja-Uncle, the two fathers, Juhi Chawla intro, Bhalla-Robert. The dialogues, so many legendary dialogues. Scenes, every one of them memorable and re-watchable. Songs are different and good too: Dil Karta Hai Tere Pas Aaun.
    I enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed it the first time I watched it in 2001.
  • Bonus: Mor Chainyah Bhuinya
    Watch Count: 5
    The best Chhattisgarhi movie. In the overall list, this movie would have been probably 7th-10th. This movie is that good and fun, a lot of fun. No matter what is your mother tongue, you will relate to this song: Turi Ice-cream Kahke Farar Ho Gaye Ji