“The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. I” was the “The most fun English movie I have ever watched”. Now, it’s Thor Ragnarok.

To start with, I declare myself beforehand as a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a movie franchise, it excels every movie franchise I have watched before (James Bond series, Harry Potter series, The Dark Knight Trilogy). So, this review may sound like coming from a fanboy.

Coming to the movie. I have been waiting for this from the day I watched its teaser in April. Previous Thor movies, though decent were not something that got me too excited. Previous Marvel movies haven’t done enough justice to the power of the mighty God of Thunder. This movie fixes that issue. Thor grows so much as a character. The movie’s tone, as you might have guessed from its trailer is fun and humorous (instead of dark and gritty). I wasn’t too sure if that was a good choice but when you see the result, I can only say, “Excellent job, once again Marvel”.

How can fun, light-hearted tone work when the movie is about Ragnarok (destruction of everything)? Because of its characters. Yes, the movie gets serious where it needs to be. Each and every character (even the smaller roles) are so well developed. You relate to every single one of them (which DC fails to do even with characters like Superman, Batman). The Grandmaster, Valkyrie, Loki, Thor, Hela and the star of the movie, “The Incredible Hulk”.
Jeff Goldblum shines in his role as The Grandmaster as expected. Cate Blanchett shines in her role of Hela as expected. She has played a hot, tempting, unforgiving, dark and fun character.

I wasn’t expecting much from Valkyrie but she too excels in her role. I haven’t seen a female character so much fun in an English movie for a long time.

The movie’s central figure “Thor” grows so much as a character compared to previous Marvel movies. Did I forget to mention he too is a fun character?

Loki as always has played a witty, cool character with changing dynamics with Thor.

The character that stole the show was without a doubt, “The Incredible Hulk”. He is so childish, funny, adorable and smashingly powerful. 10 years ago, if someone had told me that you’ll be excited more about Hulk than the whole Justice League combined, I would have laughed it off. But that’s what Marvel has done. Loki’s fake death in Thor: The Dark World was more painful than Superman’s death in BvS.

Wonder Woman was one of those movies who utilised background score to its advantage. The scene where Wonder Woman steps up and the background score starts playing gave goosebumps in theatre. I thought it was amazing. This movie’s score excels that of Wonder Woman. I mean the crowd in PVR was cheering and whistling in fight scenes (which I have never seen, especially for an English movie).

Conclusion: There are few cons of this movie. But to be honest, “Who cares?” This movie was so much fun (saying it again) with amazing background scores, brilliant character development, brilliant humorous scenes. 2 hrs, 10 minutes flew by so quickly, I only wished the movie was longer. I am going to watch it again (this time in Hindi) for another dose of fun and entertainment.
A solid 9/10 from me.

Over to you Justice League.