Note: I will not reveal any spoilers related to the story, events or character of this movie. However, I will reveal my thoughts and emotions. So, if you haven’t watched this movie, the best way to watch this one is to go completely blank and unprepared without reading any reviews. You can even skip this post especially if you are a die-hard Marvel fan (like me) wants the best experience in your first watch. Obviously, you should have caught up with all the MCU movies preceding this one for the best experience. 

I am going to make some big claims about this movie in this post, many of those claims you might argue about. However, one thing you can’t argue about is the fact that this is the most epic movie made or even attempted in the history of cinema. And yes, that includes all the Star Wars movies, Harry Potter movies, James Bond movies, Dark Knight movies, Interstellar, Inception (any of the Nolan movies), etc. Why is it that this is unarguable? Because of the cast, the mammoth list of characters, the depth of story on every scene, the consequence, the visuals, the incredible special effects, fight scenes, the chemistry between characters and above all, Thanos (my favourite villain of all time, yes ahead of Heath Ledger’s Joker).

The epicness of this movie is undeniable. Then, the question comes, how difficult is it to make a movie of this proportion where you have 65+ characters and justify the story and the villain at the same time? It is difficult, very very difficult. I mean Justice League couldn’t do justice to a handful of 5-6 characters. But, I have got to say, no director could have pulled this off other than the Russo brothers. The first time I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I immediately thought that Marvel should give Russo brothers a chance to direct an Avengers movie. I had to wait for a while. I wasn’t disappointed.

Coming to the characters, there are so many of them, so many permutations and combinations of characters happening on screen, and every single one of them nailing one after the another. The audience cheered so many times, I haven’t seen a multiplex audience cheering so much during a movie. I don’t want to give away any details of my favourites, but I can say that combination of two Sherlocks onscreen was just a dream come true. They were lit. Without revealing any other details, I will say that almost every character got their moment.

Thanos better than Joker?
I have watched The Dark Knight 3-4 times. I rate that movie around 8.2/10, Joker: 10/10. Coming to the Infinity War, I would rate it 10/10, Thanos: 10/10. Both villains are contrastingly different. Joker is an anarchist and creator of chaos, Thanos, on the other hand, wants to bring order in the Universe (as you might have heard in the trailers if you haven’t watched the movie). People (including me) love Joker because the way he manipulated other characters in The Dark Knight was just phenomenal, and Ledger’s performance was flawless. However, many of his fans are emotional (due to Ledger’s death or DC fanboys) and sometimes overhype that movie to unimaginable levels.
Coming to the question of Thanos vs Joker. For me, Thanos has topped Joker. I think Thanos is on whole another level in this movie. A lot has to do with depth of his character, incredible CGI, and also the performance of Josh Brolin. I almost agreed with what Thanos did in this movie. I related to his emotions, his motivations. And boy oh boy! is he huge, super alpha, super intelligent, super powerful. The difference between Thanos and Joker is, I enjoyed the performance of Joker. For Thanos, I deeply connected and related with the character to an extent of almost agreeing with him, all while in the awe of his persona, strength, and intelligence.

I wouldn’t comment much on the story, the pace of the movie, etc. You should go to this movie unprepared.

One last thing that made this movie my favourite of all time: emotions. The spectrum of all kind of emotions: sadness, fear, astonished, fun, etc. and the strength and the impact of those emotions were immense. I had dreams about this movie after watching it last night. It was that impactful. No movie, no TV series, no play has been able to impact me this much. This movie has truly earned the right of my favourite English movie of all time.