India is the largest democracy in the world. Narendra Modi has had the highest percentage of approval ratings amongst the democratically elected leaders of the world in the past five years. By sheer numbers, Modi is by far the most supported leader in the world (in terms of votes, third only to Trump and Obama in social media).
By the time I am writing this post, BJP alone is leading in 292 out of 542 seats in the Loksabha results! That’s huge. In my lifetime, 2014 was the first time Indians had given a clear majority to a single political party. In the history of independent India, it is only the second time that a single party has been given the majority in two consecutive terms (First was Pandit Nehru in the first two elections). The aspects which may shock pseudo-liberals and lefty journalists is the fact that BJP is leading in many of the seats which seems impossible if you go by caste + religion mathematics. The mathematics for example in UP is, Samajwadi Party will consolidate Yadav votes, BSP will consolidate Dalit and Muslim votes. Now, as they are in coalition, they will consolidate their vote banks and create a big dent in BJP’s performance in Uttar Pradesh (which alone has more voters than Australia, UK, Germany combined). BJP right now is leading in 57 seats of the state (out of 80)! What happened? The so-called vote banks of SP and BSP is not that strong after all. There are many factors which created a big dent in the vote banks of these parties (Bengal is another example). First one is the age of new voters. New age, young voters are being added in very large numbers in India every election. These new age voters are smart, they have individual thinking, they extensively use the internet. So, a young Dalit or Muslim voter won’t be swayed by outdated politics of Mayawati, Akhilesh. They might not even follow their caste, religious norms. Another factor was the last mile delivery of the government schemes for the poor. Be it toilets, bank accounts, DBT, Ujjwala, Saubhagya electricity connections, MSP prices, soil health cards, PM-Awas Yojana, etc. These social schemes and their much improved last mile delivery and output based execution of the schemes convinced a good number of voters to vote against their traditional political parties. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the Muslim women voted for BJP in UP. The same happened in Gujrat assembly elections a decade ago. But of all the factors, the biggest factor of them all is no doubt, Narendra Modi.
The western media loves to demean India. They want India to be backward, poor. They post cartoons mocking India when ISRO reaches Mars. They will try every trick and terms from the book of Indian leftists to create a negative impression of Modi. But they fail miserably. Narendra Modi’s speeches and presence completely filled Madison Square Garden and the Wembley. Not a single leader from a democratic country would get those responses from the people in such large numbers. His road shows are immense and the number of enthusiastic crowds it attracts is nothing short of extraordinary. He is the most hardworking leader there is. We talk about how hard Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, Michael Felps, Federer trained and worked to be the best in their respective sports. Modi has worked as much hard if not harder than these athletes to succeed and be in the position where he is now. This shows in his personality, energy, words. Plus he understands India, the Bhartiya (Indian) culture, and above all the Indians. He doesn’t and will never compromise with India and its interests. He will not waste a single day in his office even in his second term. His work will start from the first day itself. This charismatic, strong, alpha personality of Modi appealed to hard-working Indians who related to the story of Modi and believed in his vision of the new India.
Leftists cried intolerance, they tried fear mongering amongst minorities, they used the press and international media to create anti-Modi and even anti-India propaganda. Sadly for them, they are irrelevant and nobody cares about the opinion pieces of Washington Post, BBC, The Hindu, Newyork Times, CNN, etc. The trust in mainstream leftist media is declining rapidly in the west also. Plus because of the internet revolution, alternate sources of information is readily available to the masses (even though Google, Youtube is left-leaning). Leftists and the opposition used all their tricks to divide India, to demean India, to demean Indian culture, to demean Indian growth, to mock Modi and to undermine India’s achievements. But Narendra Modi broke the caste and religious divide in the Indian population and united India through his hard work, vision, honesty, and Indian nationalism.

Narendra Modi is the largest supported democratic leader in the world. Modi unites Indians like no other leader in my lifetime. Modi and BJP very much deserve the success and confidence of the Indian voters (101 reasons I am voting for Modi government in 2019 ) and it makes me happy and optimistic that Indian voters are evolving from caste, community, religious, political feelings and are voting for Modi and for India.
Jai Hind.