I started writing on WordPress from 2016. Just over the top of my head, I named my website: From Zero to Infinity. Based on this name, I created this logo on MS PowerPoint.


What I meant by “From Zero to Infinity” was that I would be writing blog posts without limiting myself to any category, block, ideology, etc. In doing so, my treatment of the subjects would be logical, scientific to the best of my knowledge and understanding. That’s why I used the elegant looking integral sign and Scandium’s (Sc: short for scientific) place from the periodic table to create a logo denoting the scientific and logical treatment of anything I write.

It has been more than 3 years. And now, I have decided to change the logo to one of the wheels of Konark Sun Temple in Odhisa.

circle-cropped (2) (1)


Wheels or Chakra has been a symbol of power in India from ancient times. That’s why Ashoka used it in his pillars and that’s why the Indian flag also has chakra in the middle. Chakra also denotes the flow of time. In fact, this Chakra from the Konark Sun temple was made to tell time to the accuracy of a few minutes. There are numerous such Chakras in the Sun temple and one should visit that place to witness the true glory of these Chakras and the whole Sun Temple. These Chakras are truly amazing. They are a remarkable piece of art, engineering, stone cutting that Indians were known for. The complexity and details in these carvings are so numerous that even if you visit the site for 20th time, you will find new details every single time (if you have an eye for it). These Chakras are a window to the past as well as capable of telling the time in the present and in the future as well. I somehow find this Chakra to be more representative of my thought processes and what I aspire to be. Plus it represents an evolution in my wisdom and thinking from westernised, reductionist scientific thinking to a more inclusive, wholesome, Bhartiya (Indian) thinking which doesn’t differentiate much between sciences, history, spirituality, etc. There are no sharp boundaries, distinctions. There is experience because of your consciousness and with your efforts, you can create a beautiful symmetry like this Chakra to create a harmony out of chaos (meaning create a well explanatory post out of a chaotic looking topic). Or you can dissolve and merge yourself into the chaos. Both these approaches are part of multiple approaches of Yoga. And like our ancient Rishis, I will not insist on the supremacy of one approach over another. The choice is yours. The choice is not permanent. You can always change it with time again and again or even better experience both at the same time.